Do you ever contemplate what might happen to all the food that people never buy in the shops? Food Bank associations worldwide do the job to organize the transport of these leftover products (still perfectly edible) to people with very limited financial power. In Hungary, the Hungarian Food Bank Association collects surplus food from chain stores and food factories and organize the transport to faraway Hungarian villages to help those in severe need. I wisited the organization in 2017 and wrote an article about their efforts – read it here. 

I know this might sound remote to you, but consider this: a donation of 16 eur (5000 HUF) enables the Hungarian Food Bank Association to deliver 80 packs of food to people living in harsh circumstances. The price of one decent meal of yours covers the dinner of 80 people in rural Hungary.

I am running 10K at the Budapest Vivicittá in April 2018 to shed more light on the incredible work of the Hungarian Food Bank Association. Please support my initiative to collect donations for them through this link.


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